Specialist Wheelchair Hire

Short and Long Term Wheelchair Rental for 2017

Specialised and Custom Manual Wheelchairs for Hire

Comprehensive range of specialist wheelchairs to meet most user needs.

ENdynamics Ltd provide a huge range of specialist wheelchairs for adults and children, including reclining, tilt, comfort and bariatric wheelchair models.

Our wheelchairs are available for short term hire or longer period rental.

We supply NHS, Private Care, Social Services, Charities and Individuals.

Our technical wheelchairs are prepared to clinical user prescription, including specialist fittings, accessories and optional extras eg. elevating legrests, headrests, thoracic supports and special seating. Pressure relief seating cushions are available.

Adjustable wheelchairs for all sizes - including tall persons, bariatric users and children of all ages

Flexible arrangements to support clinical care plans plus - flexible payment options.

Ongoing service support through tailored maintenance schedules.

Delivery and collection of specialist wheelchairs to all mainland UK destinations.

Specialist Wheelchairs Include:

  • Bariatric Wheelchairs
  • Comfort Wheelchairs
  • Day Care Wheelchairs
  • Heavy Duty Wheelchairs
  • Paediatric Wheelchairs
  • Positioning Wheelchairs
  • Reclining Wheelchairs
  • Tilt in Space Wheelchairs
  • Wide Seat Width Wheelchairs

Our fleet of modern specialist wheelchairs include top brands including
Invacare, XXL-Rehab, Sunrise Medical, Aktiv and Karma models.

24 hour Call Out - 07983 141 676 - at any time !

Telephone 0333 444 1034 (office hours 9am / 5pm)

Specialist Wheelchairs


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Tilt-in-Space Bariatric Wheelchair

Specialist Wheelchairs

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Adults and Children's sizes

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